Westcon Group Service Providers exists solely to help our customers achieve and exceed  their business goals in delivering category-leading technology solutions.

We strengthen each Service Provider’s business by offering specialized solutions, services and resources you won’t find anywhere else. When you partner with us, you leverage full support from an experienced team dedicated to expanding your reach, capabilities, opportunities and prospects. Watch Video!

Westcon Group Service Providers! Exactly what you need. When and how you want it. contact us today and go to

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Watch this video on how The Westcon Federal Team possesses the knowledge, depth and connections you simply won’t find anywhere else.

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Listen to this podcast as Stu Schwartzreich, Westcon Federal, and Jeff Smith, President of True Upside Consulting, have an in depth discussion on the key elements to developing a winning strategy for the Federal market and how to differentiate yourself as a Federal IT provider.

For more information please contact Stu Schwartzreich, Director, Westcon Federal at 800 996-7035 or go to Westcon Federal website and learn more.

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Westcon recently announced our partnership with FireEye, the leading provider of security solutions that deliver comprehensive and robust defenses against the most advanced cyber attacks.

Listen to our Westcon Podcast featuring Jonathan Massey, Westcon’s dedicated FireEye Pre-Sales Security Solutions engineer, and Brad Wilkins, Westcon’s FireEye Product Sales Manager, to learn how Westcon helps take you Beyond Security by providing the support you need and the protection your customers demand.



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Staging is the key component for installations in the field. Westcon knows that having the right level of planning, resources and effort assigned to the staging task is critical to a successful technology deployment.

In this video, David Bloom, Westcon Services Solutions Product Manager, highlights the staging services offered by Westcon and the benefits these services can bring to your business.

Our new, state of the art logistics and integration facility located in Plainfield, Indiana along with our team of experts is here to deliver services to your business which are second to none. The facility provides labs and configuration areas, warehouse space for inventory management, and manpower to meet your configuration and integration requirements. Watch Video on Westcon's Youtube Channel!

For more information about Westcon Staging Services please contact Harry Finer, Director of Service Solution Sales at 914-829-7681 or

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In North America, the Westcon Security Solutions team under Andrew Warren, Vice President of Security Solutions, has put considerable effort into defining and communicating to our partners and vendors the unique strengths that we provide. 

The team has launched a new ‘Beyond Security’ branding initiative and unveiled this video at the inaugural Beyond Security event which took place Feb 4 – 5 in Park City, Utah.

Our value, as in most parts of the world, is that Westcon partners with the strongest names in IT security to help resellers market, sell and support complete security solutions. In fact, our hand-picked vendors frequently show up in the top right hand corner of each of their respected Magic Quadrants, or have won highly recognized awards. 

Watch this video, where Andrew describes how we help drive success globally by offering high-value expertise and innovation through business enablement, demand generation and thought leadership.

Visit us at:

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Westcon is pleased to announce our partnership with FireEye, a leading developer of security solutions that deliver comprehensive and robust defenses against the most advanced cyber attacks.

We invite you to listen to our Westcon Podcast, “FireEye Partnership Expands Security Portfolio for Westcon Resellers”, featuring John Quinn, Senior Director of Worldwide Channels for FireEye. John shares with listeners how FireEye is transforming the security industry in an elevated cyber threat landscape.

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For more than 25 years, Westcon has provided the market's most advanced logistics and Integration operations.  Facilities deliver broad-based stock, integration, and assembly activities for both vendors and customers.  Services such as full lifecycle and reverse logistics for managed services and broad-based deployments are core elements of Westcon's offerings -- addressing significant market gaps in delivery of new services.  

The facility is located near major airport, trucking and logistics hubs, including:  Indianapolis International Airport, FedEx Express, and CSX Intermodal. Customers benefit from the highest levels of service via enhanced product availability and reduced ship times at a key North American logistics hub.

Taking this one step further, the Indianapolis location will feature Enhanced Warehouse Management (EMW) capabilities and centralized managed inventory -- with a significantly larger system integration space.  

For more information on Westcon Group’s Logistics and Integration Center go to and learn more.

For more information on Westcon, please “Like” our Facebook page or track our LinkedIn page

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We invite you to listen as Jennifer Johnson, Westcon Training Manager, provides a valuable overview of the Westcon GoldSeal maintenance and support program for Polycom. Not only can this unique offer help you drive sales of Polycom collaboration solutions, it can also improve your profit margins by providing industry-leading training and support to your Polycom customers.

Jennifer will review the key benefits of the GoldSeal maintenance program including:

  • Higher margins than maintenance services provided by Polycom
  • Free and unlimited training for your customers  (not provided under Polycom  maintenance services)
  • 24 x 7 technical support
  • A video-testing facility 
  • Overnight parts replacements

Westcon’s GoldSeal technical team members hold a myriad of certifications from numerous vendors. They can help you and your customers with cross-platform and cross-vendor integrations, and they have the expertise to solve support issues you might have.

Listen to this podcast now to find out how the Westcon GoldSeal Maintenance program for Polycom can increase your selling opportunities and manage your customers’ support requirements. 

For complete details about GoldSeal and Polycom training opportunities, please contact your Westcon Account Manager or Jennifer Johnson, Westcon Training Manager, at 603-267-2051 or


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Harry Finer, Director of Westcon Services Business Development provides and introduction and overview of this new facility and how Westcon’s Services help you extension your resources, reach and delivery capabilities by leveraging Westcon’s Services Offers.

This facility is larger than our previous facility and is centrally located to provide an extended delivery window for our customers.

For more information about Westcon Services Solutions, contact Harry Finer at 914-829-7681 or

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